Frequently asked questions

  1. Does the Park have its own car park?
    Yes, our large capacity car parks are free of charge.
  2. Is the park cycle-friendly?
    Yes, we are a member of the National Cyclist Friendly Network.
  3. Are there outdoor dining facilities?
    Yes. All three of our lodges have large terraces.
  4. Are there any dining alternatives for vegetarians or people with food intolerances?
    Yes , our chefs always prepare such dishes.
  5. Can I buy my tickets for the weekend events on the spot?
    Yes, however, we may not be able to provide all-you-can-eat lunch tickets if the event is full.
  6. Is it possible to pay for my ticket with a SZÉP Card?
    Yes. It is also possible to pay with OTP, K&H and MKB Cards.
  7. Is the park wheelchair accessible?
    Yes. We have disabled parking and toilets and all our facilities are accessible.
  8. Is it possible to charge an electric car?
    Yes, 2 FreeCharger 22kW, Type2, fast chargers are available in our car park 2.
  9. Is there wireless internet in the park?
    Yes, wifi is free of charge for our guests.
  10. Are the rooms air-conditioned?
    Yes, all our rooms are air-conditioned.